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Top Ten Tips to Creating a Calm Happy Home

Did you know that your environment and surroundings can have a direct effect on how you feel? A disorganised or messy environment can add to your level of stress and a very busy, overly decorated wall can create a busy, overworked mind. So here are our top ten tips for creating your own home haven for a happy and peaceful mind.

Tip One: Declutter your work surfaces. From kitchen worktops, home office desks, sideboards and dining tables. There is a reason why we have a saying “clean desk, clean mind” and it’s very true. Creating a decluttered work surface can promote calm, help you think clearly and promote calm. But that doesn’t mean that everything has to go. Remove large, bulky objects that are not used on a daily basis and pop them into a cupboard or draw. Leave out things that look beautiful and make you smile. A family photo on your desk, a potted plant on the sideboard or a natural wood chopping board in the kitchen are perfect examples.


Tip Two: Cleanse. This is not your face we are talking about, it’s time to take a real good look around your home and remove any objects which you might associate with unwanted feelings or unhappy times. It’s amazing how subconsciously these items can affect your mood, so find them out, stop holding onto them and move them out.

Tip Three: Remove the Toxins. Did you know that many candles, reed diffusers and plug ins are made using synthetic fragrances and alcohol infused bases. Most Candles, including Soy wax are full of synthetic chemicals and toxins, including hexane, chlorine aniline dyes, petrochemicals and scents. Which can cause several health implications, including breathing and cardiovascular problems.  It’s time to check on your home fragrance and switch to a clean option, such as natural reed or essential oil diffusers. Remove the toxins and bring in the wellbeing essences, to promote your mood and health.

Tip Four: Plants are a home’s best friend. Plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This freshens up the air in your home and can also eliminate harmful toxins. In fact they can eliminate 87% of air toxins in just 24 hours! Not only do they look lovely, studies have shown that plants can decrease stress and improve your productivity. So it’s time to go green and introduce these lovlies into your home.

Tip Five: Soften Up. Using soft textures in the home can help you relax, bring a cosy feel and promote wellbeing. Cushions, throws, rugs and curtains all create a soft vibe and can help you feel calm and tranquil.

Tip Six: Be a Basket Case. Baskets can help organise, store, tidy and bring a natural element to your home. One by the door for leaflets, papers or post can help keep a tidy hallway. One in the lounge for magazines or toys and one in the bathroom for loo rolls or toiletries. All help keep things tidy, look gorgeous and many are made from sustainable materials, like our Seagrass baskets. A tidy environment helps promote calm and happiness.

Tip Seven: Clear the Bedroom. A place of rest and re-cooperation, it’s where we end the day and also where we begin. Making your bed in the morning sets an organised tone for the day. Making sure your bedside table is clear of clutter will remove unwanted stress. A bedside table with draws, rather than shelves, can help clear clutter and keep it out of view. It’s true what they say, out of sight – out of mind.

Tip Eight: Create a quiet corner in your home. With so much hustle and bustle happening on a daily basis, it’s so important to have an area which you can retreat to, where screens are banned and a good book is at hand. Comfortable seating, the right lighting and a few, carefully selected furniture pieces and accessories. It’s the place where we feel most comfortable and calm and somewhere that is peaceful in its own way. Make sure you use it at least once a day, to rest the mind, even for just a moment.


Tip Nine: Light up your life. A range of lighting in the home can be functional but also change your mood and how you feel. Warm, soft lighting can help you relax, where bright lighting in your home office can help you remain focused. Choosing the right lighting and having lighting options for each room, such as floor or table lamps and a ceiling light, gives you the perfect option, depending on the time of day.


Tip Ten: Add natural elements. It’s time to be one with nature. Bringing natural and sustainable elements into the home can promote serenity and tranquillity. Wood, cork, ceramic, seagrass and wicker are just a few which you could introduce. These beautiful materials look wonderful, add interesting texture and can enhance your feeling of wellbeing.

For more happy home tips, be sure to join our community, where we share all the best in home decor, sustainable living and enhancing your wellbeing. 


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