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Top 5 Tips to Creating Your Dream Scandi Boho Home

While minimalistic Scandi and vibrant Boho may seem worlds apart in style at first thought, actually they can be the perfect match.  A muted scandi-inspired interior can be made more homely with some striking boho pattern, colour and texture.


Whilst, in contract, a busy, liberal boho inspired interior can be calmed with a muted background or adding some monochrome elements. It’s no wonder that when you type Scandi Boho into Instagram you are met with a whirlwind of amazing homes following this desirable trend.

Here are our top 5 tips to help you create your dream Scandi Boho Home

  1. Keep the background simple – If you follow a muted scandi inspired colour pallet of whites, soft greys and creams on you walls this will then allow you to be bolder with furniture and accessories, helping them stand out.


  1. Add Texture – Using a variety of textures is really important when creating the scandi boho look. Incorporate different pieces using natural materials such as natural seagrass, bamboo, rustic shelving and ceramics. When it comes to soft furnishings bring in tufted cushions and throws, sheepskin rugs, woven wall hangings etc. There is so much possibility!


  1. Follow a theme – For Scandi Boho to work, keeping within a theme is crucial. For example, when adding accessories, you could follow a neutral, monochrome look and then add some thought out pops of colour to add some interest. You want calm, happy vibes without it being too busy!


  1. Bring the outdoors in – Any room can be brought to life by adding some greenery. There are so many different planters now you that however limited on space you are there is always room for a plant! Choosing different materials for planters too such as seagrass baskets, bamboo and ceramic pots will help you build up more texture.


  1. Declutter for functional Living – Everything has a home and a purpose. We are not saying you can’t have beautiful ornaments out on display. Quite the opposite in fact, but just think it through first. If there is too much out on display everything gets lost. A few meaningful treasures placed strategically amongst a well thought out room will help create that calm, happy place you are proud to call home. 

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