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10 Ways to Add a Little More Spice to Your Relationship

Busy life? Spend too much time working, on your phones and feeling exhausted. This often means your relationship takes a back seat and the exciting honeymoon period seems long gone. Don't despair, try these 10 ways to add a little spice back into your relationship.

1. It's Good To Talk. Talk with your partner about how you are feeling, your wants, needs and theirs. Don’t be afraid because you're both most likely thinking the same thing. You could discuss ideas on how you can bring some romance back. This could be as simple as a dinner date for two with some wine and a nice three course meal? Agree to leave the phones away from the dinner table and concentrate on each other. Or if you prefer getting snuggly on the sofa, then a movie night with a romantic film and some popcorn with the candles lit could be the way to go.

2. The Subliminal Message.  Leaving little love notes around the house can give your partner a lovely surprise and let them know how you feel about them, without having to say it out loud. Keep the excitement going when you are not together by sending flirtatious messages during the day. This creates a playful vibe and gives you a a true feeling of being loved or lusted over!

3. Setting the Scene. When it comes to the bedroom department think about setting the mood for your body and your mind. As a little surprise for your partner, you could set a romantic or sexy scene. A dark room with candles and rose petals will give that romantic sensual atmosphere, to help you get in the mood. Think of all the senses, touch, smell, taste and sound. There’s no pressure to do anything, just do what feels right and just show how you're feeling by making a gesture.

4. Experimenting. When you are in the mood, try mixing it up. You can experiment with positions, toys, scents and foreplay. It's always best to discuss this with your partner before hand, so you know each others boundaries and preferences. Many couples tend to find themselves using the same positions as if it’s a routine and don’t find themselves switching it up, couples tend to use three or less sexual positions every time.

5. A Romantic Prelude. When intimacy is on the cards, it doesn't just have to be about the main performance. Caring for each other before hand can be so romantic. Run a bath and add some bath oil or bubbles.  These all help with your sexual wellness and it's adding the spice to your relationship.

6. Lovely Lingerie. Lingerie is a simple way to surprise your partner, but also decide what you are comfortable and confident in. Why not wear your sexy lingerie under your clothes rather than keeping them in your drawer waiting for that special occasion. It’s amazing what this will do for your sexual confidence and libido. You can give your partner a cheeky little flash too! 

7. Let's Get Physical. Working out and exercising can increase endorphins, which make you feel good, so why not try this with your partner. Finding an activity, sport or simply going to the  gym together, can improve your bond, feeling of closeness and provide a sense team achievement.  

8. The Dating Game. Remember all those places you used to go to together when you first met? Dating can be exciting, not only because you are getting to know someone, but because of the places you are visiting and the new experiences you are having together. Try to go on new adventures or revisit some of your favourite places from the past. It's always good to relive happy memories. 

9. Game Night. Playing games with your partner can help create chemistry, whilst having a bit of fun too. There are many couple games which you can purchase, we love {THEAND} Couples Edition, which is a conversation starter game by The Skin Deep, but there are also so many more available, specially made for couples for you to try.

10. The Little Touches. Sometimes a hug, kiss on the forehead, or gentle touch can let our partners know that we care and improve connections. It also makes the body release feel good hormones, such as serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. So go ahead, give your partner a little squeeze and make them feel great.  


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