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Staying In is the New Going Out. Perfect your date night with these 5 Ideas for Romance

Perfecting the Date Night In!

With the current climate of the world, “date night in” has become the go to for many couples. Whether you're staying home due to pandemic restrictions or just prefer a cozy night in with your significant other, there has never been so many at home date night ideas floating around.

Our relationship gurus have compiled a list of the very best “date night in” ideas, that are unique and offer plenty of opportunities for connection and communication. These aren’t your average movie nights, where one of you undoubtedly falls asleep before the end.

We know how important your time together is, and how hard it can be to truly relax and enjoy ourselves at the end of a long day. Our Nookee candle helps set the mood for many of these date night ideas with our luxury fragrance creating an atmosphere that promotes relaxation, refocuses your thoughts and entices your senses. Allowing your and your partner to truly connect and desire one and another.

1. Cooking Night

While we're sure you’re cooking meals daily, spending time tackling a new recipe or cuisine together with intention, can be a wonderful way to spend time with one another while improving your skills, and trying multiple recipes.

Order a new cookbook and choose a few that look interesting for you to try, or enroll in a virtual cooking class. Cooking together can be a simple way to connect and communicate with your partner, while accomplishing something delicious.

2. Virtual Tours and Classes

Date night at home doesn’t have to be all about intimacy, though we are big fans of those evenings as well... Since the beginning of the pandemic many museums, art galleries and tourist attractions all over the world have created virtual tours and programming.

With a little bit of research you may be able to find some really interesting virtual experiences, you would otherwise never see. Why not check out a museum halfway across the globe while eating snacks in your living room with your special someone?

3. Game Night

I know... game night sounds like such a cliche date night idea, limited to the standard board games we all grew up with as kids.

However there is an outstanding number of two player board and card games on the market, that are sure to spark your competitive side.

4. Communication Cards

There are many brands of communication cards on the market, and you can pick which deck speaks to you. However in general they are all very similar in the fact that they help facilitate deep conversations between couples using a sleepover game style questioning.

The answers you provide may lead to deep and organic conversations you may not be used to having. This can be great for couples who are looking to communicate more effectively but don’t know where to start.

5. Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is fun regardless of your age, and it is even more fun knowing your significant other came up with a tricky way of hiding a special surprise.

Whether you design a map or a trail of clues, a treasure hunt is a light hearted way to reintroduce a little fun in your relationship without leaving the house.

If you're wondering what you should hide as your treasure (and lighting it as soon as it's discovered!), we always recommend the Nookee candle, as it sets the mood for many more enjoyable evenings at home, reconnecting, and devoting time to one another.

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