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5 Ways to Keep the Spark Alive in a Long-Distance Relationship

Ever dreaded leaving your spouse for work or further studies in a different town or outside the country altogether? The fear of drifting apart is inevitable especially if you are an inseparable pair. Being apart may also be an unwelcome option if you are going through a rough patch in your marriage.

Here are some excellent ways to keep your long-distance marriage steady and fun.

Communicate, communicate, communicate…

Communication in any relationship is important. A great way to add a twist into your communication is to create code words and a personalised language that only the two understand and relate to.

Express your vulnerabilities, successes, funny moments, and expectations. Let your spouse understand your feelings and emotions at any given moment. Being in constant communication will bring you closer as long as it is done wisely and timely.


Spice up your texts and video calls

While constant communication is important, make it exciting beyond the usual good morning and goodnight texts or calls. Think about the first days of dating when you were yearning to hear those sweet words from your new lover.

Take it a notch higher and flirt with your spouse. For instance, you can keep the lighting in your room romantic to set a good relaxed background for your spouse while skyping or making other video calls. Try to be intimate with your spouse even if you aren’t able to touch them. Make it enjoyable and spontaneous, it’s your partner after all!

Visit as much as possible

The Swahili people of East Africa say, “hills don’t meet but people do.” This is a way of holding onto the hope of meeting again while bidding each other goodbye. By keeping this hope alive, you must intentionally purpose to make the trips to your far-away spouse.

Make it look like a getaway from your life’s daily routine. You can spice it up with some fun activities over the weekend, or a quiet romantic moment at the comfort of your partner’s favourite spot in the house.

Do an Activity Together

Like team-building, engaging in common activities increases your chances of bonding. Try working on a project that you both enjoy and is easy to manage despite the distance or difference in time zones.

Consider reading a book, streaming a movie together, have an online date night, dinner, or lunch.

Creativity is all that’s required to keep the fire burning in your relationship. You never know how much you have in common unless you try, and it has the potential to bring the best out of you.

Send gifts

Long distances sometimes bring out vulnerability. A gift from a loved one elevates our emotions and attitude towards them. It may be as simple as a postcard, or a photo of both of you in one of your favourite hangouts or moments.

Send personal notes, flowers, and meaningful gifts for occasions or holidays that you can’t attend. Make it as memorable for both of you as you can.


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