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5 of the BEST Anniversary Gifts for Men

Anniversaries come year after year, and while you may have been a great gift giver in the beginning of your relationship...maybe you’ve run out of ideas?

Or are looking for some fresh inspiration as to what your partner may enjoy? Whatever the case we have compiled a list of 15 of the BEST anniversary gifts out there.

Men can seem very difficult to buy for, especially those who already have everything or want very little. However there are a few items that men can always use, and some that he is sure to appreciate.

For Him:

1. Quality Boxers or Underwear

Many men have never taken the time to invest in quality underwear, usually picking up a multipack at the department store in some kind of cotton/ polyester blend. Ordering your man a couple pairs of brand name undies in a luxury fabric like silk or bamboo will be a treat he could never have imagined he’d enjoy.

2. A Watch

A classic gift that can last a lifetime, many men don’t often make these purchases for themselves. However almost all men can appreciate and use a quality watch for special occasions such as weddings and date nights. Consider having it engraved with your anniversary for a personalized touch

3. Tickets to a Sporting Event

If your man is into sports, tickets to a sporting event are always a hit. With rising ticket prices, seeing your favourite teams play isn’t as accessible as it used to be. Surprising him with the gift of a date night out based around his favourite sports team shows that you support his interests and are willing to step out of your comfort zone if your not one who normally enjoys these kinds of events.

4. Cook his Favourite Dinner

Taking the time to shop for and prepare his favourite meal, is a romantic gesture that allows you to stay home and enjoy eachothers company. It doesn’t have to be your typical “steak and bj night” though we fully support those as well!

One partner can look after the entertainment, while the other prepares dinner for the perfect at home anniversary date.

5. Nookee Candle Lit Bath

Candlelit baths are often thought to be a very feminine activity, which have led men to miss out on a truly relaxing and sensual experience.

Draw him a bath, loaded with epsom salts and light your Luxury Nookee Aphrodisiac Candle to create a romantic and uplifting atmosphere that promotes intimacy, love and passion.

Anniversary gifts for men do not have to be expensive or elaborate to be thoughtful and appreciated. We hope these gift suggestions have sparked some ideas as to what you can surprise your partner with for your next anniversary.

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