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4 SIMPLE Habits of Happy Couples

Do you know a happy couple?

You know... the couple that is just always happy, enjoying each others company, and you couldn’t possibly picture them losing their tempers, even if you tried.

They probably weren’t always that way, and if they were it likely took a lot of hard work from the start. Working daily to ensure each other's needs are met, and that they are consistently working on bettering their communication with one another are key elements in staying happy for the long haul.

We have compiled six simple habits that happy couples incorporate into their lives daily, to feel fulfilled and satisfied in their relationships.

1. Gratitude and Appreciation

Genuinely appreciating your spouse is something that may often get overlooked. However, sincerely thanking your significant other for something they did for you can go a long way in ensuring your spouse feels appreciated.

Rather than always focusing on what our partners mess up, forget or do wrong - genuinely taking the time to acknowledge the gratitude we have for all that our partners do for us or around the home, can help nurture our relationships and sense of commitment.

2. Communicate

Couples often wonder how on earth they’re supposed to communicate more than they already do, with the mid-day reminder texts, and the after work phone calls. But what they don’t realize is they don't necessarily need to communicate more, they need to communicate more meaningfully.

Finding time to talk about things that matter to each other, that are not related to work, the kids or the home can be difficult in the day-to-day business of life.

However, couples who continue to share intimate details of their lives like what new hobbies they want to try or where they want to vacation when they retire are shown to be happier overall.


3. Affection

Showing your significant other physical affection was like second nature in the beginning I’m sure. However, with the hustle and bustle of life we may not realize that we haven’t had the chance to slow down and physically connect with our partner.

Holding hands, daily kisses and long hugs are deeply important in retaining that spark, and feeling satisfied within your relationship. Lighting our luxury Nookee candle at the end of a

long day can help establish a nightly routine, where you spend a few moments showing affection and communicating openly.

4. Go to Bed at the Same Time

To continue on the idea of a nightly routine...Research suggests that couples who go to bed at the same time have less conflict, more sex and better communication, and we believe them!

Having uninterrupted alone time with your spouse is invaluable, so even if one of you prefers to stay up late binging netflix, or polishing the newest bestseller. Planning to go to bed at the same time a few days a week can be a game changer.

Introduce our Infinite Love Candle to your bedroom, too create an atmosphere that supports your wellbeing and entices your senses and desires.

While there is no one size fits all path to happiness these four incredibly simple habits can make huge improvements in your relationship and how you outwardly express your feelings for one another.

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