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15 Festive Activities for Couples

There are plenty of festive activities for couples we can think of and regardless of the amount of time you and your partner can squeeze in, it’ll be fun to try and do them all so you create memories together and enjoy the holiday season.

  1. Visit an ice-bar

Many cities offer a year-round ice bar. However, these establishments are especially vibrant during the festive season. Simply gather a group of friends, dress snugly, and place an order for your drink of choice.

  1. Host an eggnog party

Do you like eggnog? Host an eggnog sipping party for your friends and family. Alternatively, invite visitors to bring their favorite holiday drink for a more extensive sampling menu.

  1. Go snowshoeing

Are you and your partner trying to find ways of getting a workout out of your holiday activities? Consider going snowshoeing with a group of your closest pals. In the winter, numerous local and national parks feature snowshoeing trails, making it a popular winter activity.

  1. Play Santa’s little helpers for a day

To-do lists can get a mile long during the holidays, with everything from gift buying to wrapping. Instead of letting your Christmas to-do list drive you crazy, make it a fun couples activity.

  1. Pose for each other and make cards

Capturing holiday moments as a couple is a fantastic tradition to begin. It'll be wonderful to look back on all of your photos in the future.

  1. Watch a musical, ballet, or concert

 During the holidays, there are plenty of fantastic performances to see, making it ideal for festive activities for couples! Choose a musical, concert, or ballet that you haven't seen before, or go to one of your favorites with friends.

  1. Go caroling for date night

As a holiday season date night, why not go caroling? It's such a traditional Christmas activity for couples, that you should try Go caroling for a good cause, such as a children's hospital or a senior home, to make it even more cheerful.

  1. Bake Cookies

Cookies are popular during the festive season.  Spend some time with your partner looking up delicious Christmas cookie recipes or share your family's favorites.

  1. Learn about a different culture together

Every culture spends the festivities in their own unique way. Learning about the practices of a different culture together could be a wonderful Christmas couples’ activity. 

  1. Be kids for a day

Dates inspired by kids are enjoyable. They have the ability to bring out your funny side, resulting in lots of laughter and fond memories.

  1. People watch at the mall

This is the best time to watch people! You'll come across a variety of interesting people, encounters, and events.

  1. Craft ugly Christmas sweaters

You certainly will get an invitation to a Christmas sweater party, so why not spend time crafting one-of-a-kind Christmas sweaters that you can wear?

  1. Ice-skating

Almost every town has a skating rink and I ce-skating during the holidays is a fantastic idea.

  1. Play a game

You can invite everybody else to participate once you've done a few rounds just the two of you, and it'll be a truly exciting, enjoyable time for all!

  1. Get a coffee

It doesn't have to be a lavish outing; simply spending time alone with your partner can help you get through the holiday pressure.

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