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10 Romantic Love Quotes to Write in Your Christmas Card

Whether you’re spending Christmas with your significant other or not, you’ve got to take your Christmas card game up a notch. The festival season always makes it sweet and special for all couples and whether it’s your 20th or first Christmas together, a card is one of the best ways to show the love of your life how much you care for them.

Don’t worry if you’re having trouble putting your thoughts into words. We’ve got an awesome collection you can copy paste or use as inspiration to send the perfect message.

  1. There are plenty of gifts that I’d like to give you for Christmas this year. Among them are joy, love, peace, happiness and the fulfilment of your dreams. These are the presents that I want to give to wrapped tightly in my heart. I love you honey, merry Christmas.
  2. Every year, we get to experience the magic of Christmas. Even if the season comes with joy and happiness, I’d like to say that you are my real joy, happiness, and magic in my life. The love I have for you will never fade. Merry Christmas and happy new year, darling!
  3. If I could give you all you ever wanted, I would do it in the blink of an eye. But since I can’t, the only thing that’s left is to give you my whole heart along with my love, affection, and loyalty. Merry Christmas, baby!
  4. I could wish for everything in the world, but the only thing I truly need this Christmas is you, right next to me because there’s nothing else, I’d rather have. Letting me share your life with you is the best thing I could ever ask for.
  5. You are still as beautiful and graceful as the day I met you and every Christmas we spend together is an accurate representation of the perfect gift I have right next to me every day. Thank you for making all my Christmases and especially this one so perfect with your presence. Merry Christmas, my love.
  6. Christmas time always comes with a reason to be happy and to smile. This is why I’d like to send my love to the love of my life this holiday season. You are the best and I love you.
  7. I believe that our love is the perfect holiday present we could give to each other this Christmas. I believe in our love because you have loved me through it all. Merry Christmas baby!
  8. I think Santa truly does exist and that answered my wishes because I have exactly what I asked for. I have you right next to me and that’s all I need. Merry Christmas, my Christmas angel.
  9. You are unique and you are truly special. May your Christmas be as beautiful as you are, my love. Merry Christmas to you.
  10. Even though you aren’t here with me right now, know that you are close to my heart this festive season. I hope you enjoy the magic of Christmas and feel my love from miles away.


There you have it! 10 romantic Christmas messages to write on your card for your loved one. Which one is your favorite?



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