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10 Must Have Trends for Autumn 2022

The best word to describe Autumn Fashion 2022 is 'Nostalgia'. There’s a huge focus on the drive to reflect on happier, simpler times with some post-pandemic optimism. 90's and 00's style is back in a big way and with a more is more attitude!

If this all sounds a bit daunting, then fear not there really is something for everyone. So let's delve into some key trends for this fall and discover how to make them work for you.

  1. Dopamine Dressing

The headliner for sure! Mood boosting bright colours such as Barbie pinks, bright greens and oranges have been seen from top to toe on the catwalks. Colourful tights, cat prints and colour clashing are all on the scene! It’s about being bold and expressing yourself through your wardrobe choices and making sure you are seen in them!

If colour is not usually your thing you can still rock this look by experimenting with small pops of colour here and there, for example try a bright coloured pair of shoes, a bold handbag or a daring nail varnish. The idea is feel good fashion so wear it in a way that is right for you.

  1. Maxi Drama

The maxi is back in a big way. The trend for a slimmer maxi silhouette has been with us a while and is here to stay. In contrary body-swamping maxi coats, many in dressing-gown cuts and faux-fur materials are featuring in key collections. We’re talking floor-sweeping maxi skirts and full on floor length gowns providing full on impact. Ever so versatile, pair this look with boots, trainers or heels to match your mood and occasion.

  1. Skin

Especially popular with Gen Z and inspired by Tik Tok, the theme is don't be afraid to show some skin when it comes to your style. Whether this means showing a flash of midriff or opting for a slice-cut dress with a plunging neckline, the choice is yours. You can get creative with the way you layer and accessorise your outfits in order to reveal new areas of skin. For example, try wearing chain mail skirts over short dresses, or even just pairing high heels with cropped trousers for a safer (warmer) more paired back approach.

  1. OTT Accessories

This season, accessories will be “big and bold”.  Oversized handbags, huge biker boots and large man-sized watches are a must. More is definitely more when it comes to jewellery. It’s all about chunky chains, stand out pearls, gold hoops and rings with bling. Mixing silver with gold continues to be the way forward as does layering your look. This glam approach isn’t just for night-time either, pairing a chunky gold choker with a casual sweatshirt or some big sparkly hoops with a pair of jeans and a knit is oh so trending right now!

  1. The Return of the Corset

Silhouettes with a cinched in waists are a key Autumnal look. With everything from sheer panels to tailored leather and corsetry details, high-octane fashion is the way forward and wow does it make you feel like a goddess!

  1. Sequins

Lets just say it is better to be over dressed than under dressed, that’s for sure! There’s nothing like sequins to glam up an outfit and we are seeing them everywhere in the upcoming months! Go as big as you like from full on sequinned suits, dresses and tops or choose a more subtle approach with embellishments and accessories to wear with pride!

  1. Gender Fluidity

The name of the game for Autumn 2022. Oversized tailoring, bold, hard shoulders, oversized blazors and wide leg trousers are all key. A suit that's been slightly deconstructed with slouchy shoulders will work perfectly with a pair of wide leg trousers or a feminine top tucked in. The look is one of fluidity between feminine and masculine traits and it's all about mixing up traditional pieces in an effortless way.

  1. The Bomber

Bomber jackets are a staple of 90s nostalgia, but the modern twist on this jacket is more glam with embellishment, pattern and leather as popular options. The beauty of this classic flight jacket is its versatility. Pair with occasion wear, jeans, joggers, you name it there is a bomber to suit. Lovely and warm too!

  1. Fringes and Tassels

A fashion trend that comes and goes, in Autumn 2022 fringing is definitely back and its XXL!  Adding a boho vibe to your wardrobe, fringes can be seen on skirts, jumpers, flared trousers, the list is endless. The rule, wherever there is an edge of fabric there’s an opportunity for a fringe.

  1. Leather

Or pleather if you prefer. From skirts, dresses, trousers and big boots leather is everywhere this fall allowing you to embrace your inner rock chic. If ever was there was a time to bring out your classic biker jacket now is it, and if don’t yet own one we say do it, you won’t look back!


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